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Sri Lanka, a country with a rich history that goes back for over 5000 years tells us of great Martial Art that were enjoyed by the kings who ruled this wonderful land. In the past ages, where the law of “survival of the fittest” prevailed, this tiny nation had to hold its own, mostly against the mighty India (South India”Chola Kingdom). The kings of India many a time thought to have this “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” to decorate their crowns and invaded the island. But invariably, each time, they were driven back. Such was the invincible might of the fighting techniques practiced by the people of Sri Lanka and they called it the ANGAM  SATAN KALAWA (fighting art named ANGAM).

Mainly Angam Satan Kalawa divide to three sections

ANGAMPORA (Bare hand fighting techniques)

ILLANGAMPORA (Fight using 32 weapons of Angam)

MAYA ANGAM (Black magic, voodoo and witchcraft’s)