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Angam  is a fast forgetting art. Contrary to popular belief the fighting is only one aspect of it. Its closely associated with traditional healing methods using natural plants and herbs for medicine. The pressure point techniques is used to cure illnesses and pains. The exercises practiced in Angam help fight various illnesses, strengthen the immune system, fights aging, muscle and vein weakening and a responsive nervous system – all the requirements for a healthy and a prolonged life. Other areas include Meditation, Astrology and Traditional dancing.

You can visit our “Angam Maduwa” anytime located at our master’s premises. No: 06, Kanatta Road, Mirihana, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. Guru Karunapala can be contacted on the following telephone numbers +94 11 5051770, 5051793.

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Donations can be sent to the following bank account.

Bank Name: Commercial Bank, Sri Lanka

Account No: 8200008700
Name of the Account : HELA KREEDA SAMAJAYA

Your generous contributions are used to preserve this national heritage.

Registration No. at the Western Province – Ministry of Sports: 3840
Registration No. at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs : 087